The High Performance Drum Screen

The Roto-Sieve® is an internally fed, self cleaning, inclined drum screen. With over 4000 units installed globally, the Roto-Sieve® has unsurpassed quality, reliability, and performance in the marketplace.

In municipal wastewater treatment applications, the Roto-Sieve® is renowned as a fine screen to protect MBR systems; for primary treatment; and for various sludge screening applications. Industrial users, such as poultry processors, meat processors, food processors, breweries/wineries, and recyclers utilize it for not only wastewater treatment but also product processing. In short, the Roto-Sieve® can be effectively used in almost any application where a solid needs to be separated from a liquid.

With high operational reliability, a long service life, and low energy consumption, Roto-Sieve®  drum screens are an excellent long term investment. The Roto-Sieve®  has undergone continual improvements and today it represents the most advanced internally fed drum screen available. The innovative drive system on our larger models requires no lubrication or trunnion wheels which significantly lowers maintenance while also improving operational reliability. Due to its internal feed and circular perforations, Roto-Sieve®  offers the best separation that can be achieved mechanically. Perforated opening sizes range from 0.6mm to 6mm diameter and capacities from 140 gpm to 6980 gpm. The Roto-Sieve®  is built as standard in 304SS but 316SS is available as well.


RotoSieve® Features and Benefits
  • No Trunnion Wheels  The innovative drive design and lack of trunnion wheels results in very low maintenance and high reliability.
  • Low Energy Usage – Even our largest 10 MGD models utilize only a 0.75 hp motor.
  • Very Low Maintenance Requirements – The lowest maintenance requirements in the industry today.
  • Low Spray Water Usage – Friction driven rotating cleaner brush results in very low spray water usage. Up to a 90% reduction in spray wash usage over designs utilizing continuous spray wash systems.
  • Overflow Protection – The automatic overflow bypass with overflow sensor protects sensitive downstream processes from damage.
  • Reliability – Over 4000 proven installations around the world. Over 40 years of experience in the drum screen market.
  • No Seals – No vertical or slotted seals of any kind eliminates the risk of pass through or seal failure.
  • Small Footprint – High capacity and high capture rate with a small footprint. Very little civil requirements.
  • Versatility – Useful in many different municipal and industrial applications.
  • Application Flexibility – Small units for small systems/low flows and large units that have up to a 10 MGD capacity per screen.