Effective headworks equipment brings great economic value to a wastewater plant. Removing the most particles as early as possible inline prevents operational problems later. Installation of top-quality headworks equipment will protect downstream pumps, clarifiers, thickeners, and digesters from abrasion and clogging.

Duperon introduces the “Prodigy.” Their newest product offering. Using the same technology as the FlexRake, the Prodigy is designed to fit into smaller plants, 1MGD average, and still provide Duperon’s amazing, low maintenance, simple design, engineering. With a weight of approximately 500 pounds, the Prodigy is easily installed. Why chew the trash in the waste stream into little pieces, when you can remove it, completely.

Duperon’s washer compactor applies their same innovative approach to screening as their FlexRake. Minimal maintenance, simple design, user-friendly.

The Duperon FlexRake is simple, consisting of three basic components: a powerful drive head, a durable raking device, and a rugged barscreen. This simplicity is possible through the multi-functioning action of the FlexLink. This clever patented design allows the link to function as a frame, lower sprocket, and connection point for scrapers. The innovation of the FlexLink creates a “square” sprocket, affording the FlexRake the unique ability to hit the base plate of the unit frame with a scraping, shoveling action that moves debris up the screen, eliminating accumulation at the bottom of the channel.